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​October 31 - Halloween Party

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North Hills 2017 Meeting

The North Hills 2017 annual homeowners association meeting was held this past March 22nd, at the Bloomfield Township Public Library.  The minutes and treasurer's report is posted on this website.  You can view the reports by clicking on 'Meeting Minutes/Treas.Report" in the right hand column of this page.

As part of the program, president Richard Moxley announced that North Hills would become part of the Nextdoor social network.  Nextdoor provides an opportunity to converse with the North Hills neighbors with such items as: "Looking for a good painter", "Need a babysitter";  etc.  It will also be used by the Township as a method of delivering alert messages to all subscribers.

Shortly, all residents will be contacted by post cards inviting them to join in the free Nextdoor network.  It's works best if everyone joins in.

Halloween Parade & Pizza